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INVIVO is a beautiful urban wellness center overlooking the Milwaukee River and bathed in sunlight. INVIVO offers everything for the mind, body and spirit.

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I consider the Invivo Physical Therapy team a vital part of my health care. Maurice and Patricia have helped me recover from surgery and injury. Along with the physical therapy, they've taken time to educate me about the what and why. They've been patient with my questions, and clear in their answers. They've motivated me when I needed it, and they've been kind and gracious with a hug when I needed that. It is in large part because of them that I am once again enjoying sports and workouts. I highly recommend you make them a part of your health plan...you won't regret it!!

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Private Yoga

Introducing private yoga with Jamie Mullen, RYT! Click here for more details.

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Don’t let life’s nagging little pains or injury keep you from living life to its fullest.

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