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Fitness Fusion Circuits (All levels)

This 45-minute circuit-style class will incorporate yoga postures and simple to complex mindful movements to increase strength, stability, and flexibility for an exhilarating workout. Work up a sweat while building a stronger connection between mind and body.

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Cynthia Akey

RYT, ACE-Certified Personal TrainerYoga InstructorFitness InstructorWellness Director Living with painful headaches and joint instability, Cynthia began studying yoga and strength training to improve her own well being in 2003. Wanting to share this same sense of freedom and make yoga … Continue reading

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Ashley Petry

Ashley is a 200-hour​ RYT ​who specializes in alignment-based yoga. She has been practicing since 2000 and continues to study and progress her teaching style. In her classes, she works to provide sequencing and support​​ designed to fit the class … Continue reading

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Rae Buth

Rae is an eclectic yoga teacher that is truly grateful she gets to share her ever evolving practice with students everyday. She has been growing in her personal yoga practice since 2003 when she was 16. Rae became a certified … Continue reading

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Alison Von Brown

My experience with yoga began when I had severe neck and shoulder pain as a result of poor posture and years of competitive swimming.  The reduction of stress I experienced set me on the path I am on today. Since … Continue reading

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Yin & Yoga Nidra

A quietly powerful practice for deep release of physical and mental tensions. Class begins with a series of seated Yin Yoga poses with a focus on relaxing the muscles in order to gain deeper access to the joints and connective … Continue reading

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Robert McDonial

Robert’s fascination with fitness started in the summer before freshman year in high school. That year Robert experienced a rapid growth spurt of six inches. The coaches wanted him to play sports because he was tall but because of his … Continue reading

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Sarah Damiano

Sarah Damiano is a teacher, traveler, bodyworker, artist, and a forever-student. She has studied yoga for more than a decade, most recently through Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) with Joseph and Lilian LePage, and Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYT) with Genevieve … Continue reading

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Heidi Parkes

Heidi received her Vinyasa Yoga training From Rolf Gates, and her Yoga Therapy Certification from Dr. Indu Arora; both of who have authored multiple books on the topics of yoga and meditation. In a nutshell, they taught her that anyone … Continue reading

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TRX Circuit (All Levels)

This exciting 45-minute class incorporates a variety of equipment in a circuit style format; featuring the TRX Suspension Training straps. Build strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and core stability with a combination of strength and cardio exercises.

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Paula Biasi Trusky

Paula has a great curiosity for movement mechanics and the art of moving.  She has pursued this interest on many levels and earned a BA and MFA in Dance. Her interest continued as she became a certified yoga teacher and … Continue reading

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30/30 (All Levels)

Complete 30 unique exercises in 30 minutes. Each exercise – yoga postures, plyometrics, cardio and core work – lasts exactly 1 minute. Designed to get you working up a sweat!

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