8 Myths About Physical Therapy

8 myths about physical therapy

Physical Therapists are movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education, and prescribed movement. But misconceptions about physical therapy often discourage people from seeking out and visiting a physical therapist.

  1. MYTH: I need to be injured to see a Physical Therapist.
    FACT: Physical Therapists treat many common ailments like balance issues, headaches, joint and muscle pain, chronic pain, and arthritis.
    They also work with patients on injury prevention and athletic enhancement.
  2. MYTH: I need a physician’s referral to see a Physical Therapist.
    FACT: All 50 states in the United States allow patients to be evaluated by a physical therapist without a physician’s referral.
  3. MYTH: I can do physical therapy myself.
    FACT: Only a licensed Physical Therapist with specialized education and expertise can develop a physical therapy plan of care.
  4. MYTH: Surgery is my only option.
    FACT: In many cases, physical therapy has been shown to be as effective as surgery in treating a wide range of conditions. Physical therapy has proven to reduce costs by helping people avoid unnecessary scans, surgery, or prescription drugs.
  5. MYTH: Physical Therapy isn’t covered by insurance.
    FACT: Most insurance policies cover some amount of physical therapy services. Physical therapists also accept cash payments from out-of-network patients.
  6. MYTH: Physical Therapy is painful.
    FACT: Physical therapists work within the patient’s pain threshold to help you heal and restore movement and function. Using a variety of techniques, including manual therapy and exercise. The goal of physical therapy is to reduce or completely eliminate chronic pain.
  7. MYTH: Physical Therapy is only for injuries and accidents.
    FACT: Physical Therapy is a diverse health care practice that helps prevent injury, pain, and promotes mobility, health, and wellness.
  8. MYTH: If I’m active, I don’t need Physical Therapy.
    FACT: A Physical Therapist can show you safe ways to both work and exercise to prevent injury and improve performance. Physical Therapists are highly skilled at evaluating and diagnosing potential problems before they lead to more serious injuries or disabling conditions.

If you’re experiencing some pain that prevents you from living your best life, set up an EVALUATION with INVIVO’S Physical Therapist. We’d love to help you get moving.