I Suck as My Own Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer, Mauriah Kraker, at Invivo in Milwaukee, WI

I’ve been considering signing up for a personal trainer, but as a creature of comfort, there is something hindering my uncoordinated, ungraceful self from liking the idea of having one person watching and monitoring me exercising – the sweating, possible grunting, my skin turning fire engine red, the strange way my face contorts, or the possible evil glares that may slip out as the trainer yells “just 5 more!”. I think you get the idea. It’s not pretty.

Just as I was about to bite the bullet and pull out my wallet, a friend posted a request for others to join her in a “Spring Ab Fab” program. The program is simple; a certain number of sit ups, push-ups and planks each day. I joined her group of Facebook friends and jumped full on into the program; day one, two, three, no problem. The “friends” kept the comments coming and were not quiet about their progress or lack there of. It was encouraging and motivating…at first…

But then the chaos of the work-week set in. Every time I thought of taking the whole 5-10 minutes to do the daily instructed routine, I found something else that needed my attention; dinner, dogs, laundry, work, or just laying on the couch or bed. One night, I got down on my floor to do my sit ups, and just ended up lying there…seriously! It was too easy to skip out. It is then that I realized without a set time, a separate place, a person to answer to and an investment, my behaviors aren’t going to change.

So, it’s back to square one and time commit to a personal trainer. There’s no way I would stand someone else up…apparently I only do that to myself!