INVIVO 3 Exercise Workout #12

On a weekly basis, INVIVO will bring you 3 exercises to keep you moving and help you improve strength or flexibility.

For each exercise, start with 10-15 reps or 30 – 60 seconds of time. Practice the movements. As you get stronger add sets.

Turn this into a circuit for a full-body workout. Perform each exercise for reps or time. As you get stronger add sets.

CARDIO BEAST WAVE (Beast to Down Dog to Child’s Pose)

Warm up the body by performing the beast wave.

Performing body weight flowing exercises improve neuromuscular control which allows the body to maintain balance during movement. It also enables you control your own strength and power.

Useful movement to help you get up from the floor.

Begin on hands and knees in a quadruped position with shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Place a blanket under knees for comfort.
Place bent elbows in front of knees. Straighten your arms. Engage the core. Retract your shoulder blades and create a neutral spine. Lift knees to hover 1-2 inches over the ground. This is Beast position.

Step back 6-8 inches. This is semi-loaded Beast position.

Straighten your arms and legs raising hips upward into a down dog. Ensure body weight is evenly distributed between hands and feet.

Lower to the semi-loaded Beast position.

Lower knees to floor and sit hips back to heels and rest wrists while in child’s pose. Repeat sequence.

MODIFICATIONS: perform on forearms with clasped hands


Begin standing with your feet together. Bend your knees and hinge at hips until you lower into a half squat position. Clasp hands at chest height.

Engage the core. Retract your shoulder blades and create a neutral spine.

Lift your right leg and rotate your entire torso to the right. Place your right leg down and squat. Return to the starting squat position.

Perform all repetitions on a single side and then repeat on other side. Take rest breaks when needed.

MODIFICATION: Use a table or counter if needed keeping at least one hand on a surface.


Underhand grip or supinated grip requires the biceps and back to work more.

Stand in a back -supported squat with core engaged and spine long. Your weight is evenly distributed on each foot (heel to toe).

With arms at your sides, rotate forearms so palms are facing upwards. Bend elbows and initiate movement from the shoulder blades.

Row and squeeze shoulder blades together bringing hands to the hip crease. Pause for a moment. Lower with control. Repeat.

MODIFICATION: perform while seated on a chair

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