INVIVO 3 Exercise Workout #14

On a weekly basis, INVIVO will bring you 3 exercises to keep you moving and help you improve strength or flexibility.

For each exercise, start with 10-15 reps or 30 – 60 seconds of time. Practice the movements. As you get stronger add sets.

Turn this into a circuit for a full-body workout. Perform each exercise for reps or time. As you get stronger add sets.


Warm-up the body by performing side to side shuffles.

This exercise will improve your foot agility and hip strength.

Stand with your feet wider than hip-distance. Hinge at hips lowering into a mini-squat stance. Engage your core.

Shuffle right for 4 steps, then shuffle left for 4 steps. Repeat.This is a squat, not a lunge, so both knees need to bend.

MODIFICATION: No impact option – Step side to side while in a mini-squat position.


Stand tall. Engage the core with shoulder blades slightly engaged.

Step forward with the foot at a 45-degree angle and bend the back leg to your lunge depth. Knees should track the same direction as your toes.

Use the front foot to push off the floor and return to starting position. Alternate legs.

Move mindfully with control on both rising and lowering.

MODIFICATION: Smaller step forward into the lunge; reduce the depth of the lunge.


Holding an isometric mini squat stance recruits more muscles and improves core stability.

SQUAT STANCEStand with feet slightly wider than hip-width. Engage your core to stabilize your spine. Shift your weight back into your heels and bend your knees to a comfortable depth. Hold this isometric squat stance throughout the exercise.

HAMMER BICEP CURLHold cans in each hand. Palms are facing in. Stabilize the shoulders. Bend both elbows and curl weights upward toward shoulders. Pause for a moment. Lower with control. Repeat.

MODIFICATIONS: Fewer repetitions; reduce the depth of the squat; perform while seated on a chair

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