Play and the Positive Impact on adults

All work and no play make one sad and grey, a common saying that science now shows. So how can we bring “play” back into our adult lives? And why play when our demanding schedules constantly pull us down to earth and out of the cloudy, fun place of playtime?

The Importance of Play for Adults

Medical doctor Stuart Brown compares “play to oxygen”. He discusses how as adults we place value only on competitive-based play which results in enjoyment only when a goal or a win is attained.

Dr. Brown explains that true play is a state of mind that encourages purposelessness, fun, and perhaps most importantly pleasure.

Why Play?

One of the most incredible pieces of evidence is that play connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain enabling regulation of stress and emotion. Additionally, play helps maintain memory and expand creativity through building neural networks. Playing in a group may improve interpersonal communication which is great for the workplace as well as at home.

How to add Play into your every day

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a rut of routine boredom; take a different route to work or buy a joke book and share one joke each day with a friend or spouse. Customize your play to your lifestyle! 

Enjoy strategy? Seek out engaging and interactive phone apps. Extroverted and love socializing? Join INVIVO’s Walking Club or seek out a local meetup fitness group – play kickball or frisbee.

Come Play at INVIVO

Like to get physical when you play? Try Cynthia’s Fitness Fusion Circuits class where we work on hopping, skipping, and playing with medicine balls or Robert’s 30/30 – 30 different bodyweight exercises and movements in 30 minutes. Check out all INVIVO’s fitness classes.

At INVIVO, our skilled yoga instructors and variety of yoga styles can spice up your yoga practice.

Book a private or group personal training session with Robert to learn to use the Gada steel mace – what a unique and fun workout for your core and shoulders! Or connect with Katie to discover TRX suspension training.

Plus, our personal trainers love to bring the fun while sweating out the stress of our left-brained lifestyle!

Keep an eye out for upcoming INVIVO workshops. We love to bring new and joy-filled offerings to our community.


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