Prevent Injuries and Build Mindfulness with Personal Training

Why do we hire personal trainers? For the novice it might be about safety and learning how to exercise. For others it might be about weight loss or helping with special needs such as osteoporosis or heart disease. Some just simply need an appointment and accountability. An experienced trainer will help you identify your goals and achieve them efficiently. In addition, at INVIVO our trainers will help you to prevent injuries and build mindfulness:

1. Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention: Our unique structure as a wellness center means you may have entered our doors for the first time seeking medical treatment. Due to growing insurance limitations many of our clients in physical therapy are finding great benefit in continuing their progress with our personal trainers. Our trainers are specifically recruited for their abilities to understand and progress our healing clients. Our facility allows for consistent follow-up and open communication among the client, trainer and medical provider. Your safety and total body wellness is our number one priority.

2. Mindfulness: All of our providers at INVIVO encourage and foster a growing mind-body connection. Being mindful during a training session is about noticing each breath, each foot contacting the floor and being in-tune with every contraction of a muscle. Connecting the mind to the precision of our body’s movements enables us to more effectively and safely target the areas we want to work on. We learn to meet our bodies where they are, lovingly accept that place and then work steadily to make meaningful change.

All of our trainers are here to help you become more balanced in your body and provide the skills to interpret and act on the signals your body is giving you each day. Join us at INVIVO to better understand your body, challenge it appropriately, accept motivational support and feel your best!

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