COVID-19 Precautions at INVIVO Wellness.

Be safe. Be proactive. Be well.

At INVIVO, our clients and patients are like family.

We are a community.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 impacting our state and local community, we are focusing on doing things we need to do to keep you, our community, our staff, and our facility as safe and as healthy as possible.

We’re following guidelines and announcements from federal, state and local agencies, including the CDC and other health organizations 

We ask the following of you:

-If you are feeling healthy, come practice and workout with us. A healthy body and mind can reduce stress and boost your immune system.

Support each other in cultivating a gratitude practice. Dr. Joe Dispenza conducted a study that found: Practicing gratitude for 9-10 minutes, 3 times per day, for 4 consecutive days increases the function of your immune system.

Get some quality sleep. Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Research has shown that T-cell production increases with consistent good rest and sleep. Naps are GREAT!

– Consider how you can support the health and comfort of your neighbors and friends. Check up on anyone you know that may have compromised health. Stay connected via phone, text, and email.

Be mindful of the source of information. Be thoughtful before sharing or posting. Question information that might be untrue or cause concern.

-If you have a compromised respiratory system, immune system, uncontrolled high blood pressure, and/or diabetes, stay safe and stay home.

-If you have been in any of the areas most affected by the Coronavirus, please wait 14 days before coming to INVIVO.

If you show any signs of illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath), DO NOT come to INVIVO. It is difficult to discern the difference between Coronavirus, Influenza, the common cold and allergies. Please be hyper-cautious and do not come to INVIVO if you have any of these symptoms.

-Minimize exposure to Coronavirus by following the hand hygiene guidelines – washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, contact your doctor.

Practice good social etiquette: wash your hands before and after workouts, classes, personal training sessions, cough or sneeze into your arm, and use paper towels when opening doors.

-At INVIVO, during workouts or classes, avoid physical contact with fellow patrons (high-fives and hugs) and their equipment (weights, mats).

-When working out at INVIVO, wipe down equipment including – your treadmill, your weights, and mats. Try to leave the area better than you found it. If an area of the facility needs attention, let a staff member know immediately.

Wear workout gloves and sanitize them regularly.

-During this period, we recommend that you bring and use your own yoga mats and props. We encourage you to bring/use whatever disinfectant formula or brand you prefer, however, we do have disinfectant sprays for your use. (Keep in mind, surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes!)

At INVIVO we are doing the following:

-Today and every day…the floors, mats, and blocks are cleaned and sanitized after each class.

-All linens are washed in antibacterial laundry detergent at high temperatures. Bleach is being used as well.

-Several times each day, we are disinfecting fitness equipment, massage equipment, door handles, light switches, and other contact surfaces.

-We are providing hand sanitizer (although it is extremely hard to purchase), anti-bacterial hand soap, and paper towels. 

-We are using Odoban disinfectant in the yoga studio spray bottles. Surfaces (mats and blocks) need to stay wet for 10 minutes!

-We employ a professional cleaning vendor team that provides a deeper cleaning.

-Limiting class sizes. Be sure to sign up online or arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of class to ensure a spot.

It is an absolute honor to serve you at INVIVO Wellness and to participate in keeping you safe and well.

Please reach out (414-265-5606) with any and all questions or concerns.

Above all, be well.


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