woman receiving microdermabrasion skin care treatment


Esthetics is the treatment of the skin for health and beautification.  Esthetics services are focused on the treatment of the upper layers of the skin.  During a treatment, an esthetician assesses the skin type, skin conditions and any disorders present to create a treatment plan to suit the client’s desired results.

Inside INVIVO Wellness, Esthetician services are performed by Adrienne Hauck of Adrienne Marie Beauty LLC.

Adrienne offers facials, dermaplaning, chemical exfoliation, microdermabrasion, waxing, body treatments and Ayurvedic abyhanga treatments. Our space offers an urban retreat where Adrienne will customize the treatments for your specific skin concerns and needs.

Adrienne is proud to exclusively use Rhonda Allison products for Facials and Treatments.

To schedule an appointment at INVIVO, call 414-265-5606.

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Please note we require 24 hours’ notice for all cancellations. This allows us time to rebook the appointment time. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged $35.

Esthetic Service Treatments and Pricing


    • Facials
      This treatment-focused express facial features a deep cleanse, skin analysis, enzyme exfoliation, skin strengthening, mask and treatment product application. Includes extractions where applicable.  A great treatment to work into a busy schedule or just simply address skin care concerns.No change of clothing is needed for this service.  Draping will be provided.
    • • 35-min for $55
      • 60-min for $80
      • 90-min for $100
      • Facial Series of 3 (60-min) for $192 (20% off)
    • Seasonal Facial for $90
      The seasonal facials are limited time only treatments that are formulated to address the skin concerns that arise with the change of season. These luxurious facials feature a double cleanse, skin analysis, enzyme exfoliation, skin strengthening, facial massage, mask and treatment product application.  Extractions included where applicable. The treatment also includes a choice of hand, foot or scalp massage.
    • Back Facial for $75
      A customized treatment for addressing breakouts or dryness over the back and shoulders.  This facial includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, skin strengthening, mask and treatment product application.  The treatment also includes a hand or foot massage.
    • Microcurrent Facial for $95

      An electrical treatment that firms and tones the muscles, microcurrent is like a session of Pilates for your face! It stimulates and contracts the facial muscles giving them a more taut look. Anti-aging and firming products are utilized to strengthen and nourish the skin above. Includes a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, skin strengthening step, mask and application of firming finishing products. 90-minute appointment.


    • Microdermabrasion
      Sodium Bicarbonate polishes the skin to remove an excess build up of dead skin cells, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and diminish hyperpigmentation.  The sodium bicarbonate is easily tolerated by all skin types and is naturally anti-inflammatory.  Microdermabrasion can be booked as an add-on to any facial or as a treatment service with a deep cleanse, skin analysis, mask and protection product application.No change of clothing is needed for the Treatment Service. Draping will be provided.
    • • Microdermabrasion Treatment Service for $75
      • Microdermabrasion Series of 3 – for $180 ($225 value)
      • Add-on to Facial for $35
    • Dermaplaning
      Flaky, dead skin cells and vellus hair are removed with a scalpel blade to reveal the healthy and glowing skin below.  Dermaplaning can be booked as an added exfoliation with any facial or as a single treatment service with a deep cleanse, skin analysis, mask, and protection product application.No change of clothing is needed for the Treatment Service. Draping will be provided.
    • • Dermaplaning Treatment Service for $72
      • Dermaplaning Series of 3 for $175 (20% off)
      • Add-on to Facial for $30
    • Chemical Exfoliation
      A progressive chemical exfoliation using ingredients such as mandelic, lactic and malic acids to promote cell turnover*, encourage collagen production and even skin tone.  An acid application can be added to any facial or to the Dermaplaning Treatment Service.  Chemical Exfoliation can also be scheduled as a treatment service as well, which includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, acid application and protection product application.  A series of 3 to 6 treatments is generally recommended for best results.* This can cause a very light amount skin flaking or peeling of surface cells to reveal healthy, new skin below.  Please discuss any questions or concerns with the esthetician. No change of clothing is needed for the Treatment Service.  Draping will be provided.
    • • Chemical Exfoliation Treatment Service for $80
      • Add-on to Facial or Dermaplaning Treatment Service for $40


All waxing services include applications of antiseptic, protective powder and a soothing agent. These help with comfort and protect the skin during the service. Half Leg, Half Arm, Partial Back, Chest, Nostril and Ear waxing available by request. Please consult with the Esthetician for pricing.

    • Facial Waxing
      • Brow for $20
      • Lip for $14
      • Cheek or Chin for $18
    • Body Waxing
      • Full Leg for $65
      • Full Arm for $48
      • Underarm for $28
      • Bikini (Traditional or French) for $35
      • Back and Shoulder for $53
      • Underarm for $28


    • Body Wrap for $65
    • Dry brushed and nourished head to toe in jojoba oil, the body is then wrapped tightly to encourage the release of sweat and toxins. Trouble spots that need more tightening are rubbed with a balm infused with warming and firming Ayurvedic herbs.  A skin tightening, detoxifying, warming, and relaxing treat.
    • Abyhanga for $90
    • A body treatment based in Ayurvedic theory.   This soothing application of organic sesame or coconut oil creates a sense of balance and wellbeing in mind and body. A luxurious way to nourish the skin, release tension and detoxify.


    • Rhonda Allison
    • Rhonda Allison Products (photo/Darren Hauck)
    • A selection of products from the line is available for retail sale. Ask at the INVIVO Front Desk.


    • 10% off your next services when you prebook future services.
    • $35 off one facial service in the month of your birthday.
    • See Current Specials for Monthly Promotions.