Got aches and pains? INVIVO Physical Therapy Services Can Help

Maurice Dumit Physical Therapy

Deemed an essential service, we are here to help.

Do you have an ache or pain? Do you want to move better so you can be more active?

Now is the time to come in for physical therapy! Let us help you get a head start going into the summer.

INVIVO Wellness a preferred healthcare provider for all major insurance and Medicare.

What happens during a Physical Therapy Evaluation? 

A Physical Therapy or PT Evaluation is a 60-minute appointment. First Maurice Dumit, MPT will collect information about your medical history, current pain or injury, and the activities that you are experiencing limitations.

Next, he will complete a detailed evaluation, taking specific measurements of your posture, quality of movement, and strength in order to evaluate your condition. Finally, Maurice will set up a personalized plan of care to meet your goals.

At INVIVO, we can help you:

• Maximize your movement
• Reduce muscle tension
• Relieve chronic pain
• Manage sciatica, low-back, and disc pain
• Relieve tension headaches and decrease migraine frequency
• Enhance exercise performance
• Discover preventative care

At INVIVO Wellness, we treat the following:

• joint injuries – knee, hip, ankle, wrists
• disc herniations
• frozen shoulder
• rotator cuff and shoulder tendonitis
• tennis elbow
• plantar fasciitis
• hypermobility syndrome

• headaches
• arthritis
• TMJ (jaw pain)
• neck and upper back pain
• low back pain
• hip pain

Ready to schedule a Physical Therapy appointment?

Call us at 414-265-5606.

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