Kayleen & Katie, Nutrition Counseling at INVIVO Milwaukee


Nutrition Services Provided

  • Determining ideal weight; calorie needs to attain or maintain that weight
  • Calculating individualized nutrient needs
  • Assessing nutritional adequacy of current dietary intake
  • Teaching how to fuel yourself for optimal training performance
  • Planning specialized diets for heart disease, weight gain or loss, and blood sugar control
  • Assisting in lightening your favorite recipes, planning meals and becoming a savvy supermarket shopper in Milwaukee

Nutrition Coaching Packages

  • Complete Nutrition Consultation (2 one-hour sessions) – $200
    Session 1 is individualized to meet the needs of the client. It includes an assessment of current dietary practices and nutritional status. The client will complete a 3 day food record, food frequency assessment and provide dietary health history information.

    Session 2 reviews the dietary nutrient analysis “report card” based on the client’s completed food record. A printout of current calorie, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, calcium and sodium intakes is provided, as well as recommended goal levels for each nutrient and a breakdown of how to meet these personalized goals.

  • 30-Minute Nutrition Mini-Consultation – $35
    Intended as a follow up to the Complete Nutrition Consultation or for individuals who have limited needs (i.e. focused dietary questions, supplement review, etc.).

  • 6 30-Minute Follow Up Sessions – $180 ($30/session)
    Intended as sequential follow ups to the Complete Nutrition Consultation, to assess program progress, assist with trouble shooting and continued coaching toward goal achievement.

Good for:

Improving your diet
Develop healthy habits
Weight loss
Designing meal plans
Enriching diet


By appointment
Monday: 5-7pm
Tuesday: 5-7pm
Wednesday 5-7pm

Kayleen Wichlinski, Dietitian at Invivo Wellness, Milwaukee WI

Kayleen Weister


Health Specialties

We value your wellness. At INVIVO practitioners from diverse medical and alternative health specialties work together to deliver safe and effective programs. We focus on balancing the body to foster a naturally healthy, strong and energetic life.

Our health specialties include Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy,  Chiropractic, and Group Wellness Training. Using the expertise of multiple medical and alternative health professionals, we can design a wellness plan that will help you achieve your wellness or fitness goals.