INVIVO 21-Day Fitness Challenge: Can Workout

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November: Can Workout

To make everyday tasks easier and improve muscle tone and strength, resistance workouts are essential. For this workout, we are repurposing ordinary items – canned goods – to use as a dumbbell substitute.

Smaller cans are easier to hold while performing exercises. But, if you can grip them safely, use larger cans. Since most cans weigh about 1 pound (16 ounces), we’ve increased the number of repetitions and sets to perform.

Exercises include squats, shoulder press, deadlift, plank with row, bicep curls, hay balers, and a lunge reverse flye.

Improving your strength and movement patterns is important in order to protect your back. You will have greater ease lifting and moving heavy objects, walking up stairs, performing any twisting movements like raking and shoveling.

During this challenge, consider donating some canned goods to a local food pantry.

Making healthy choices is easier with the support of others. Encourage a friend to join the INVIVO 21-Day Fitness Challenge too!

Learn proper form for all 7 exercises in our Fitness Challenge.

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