INVIVO 21-Day Fitness Challenge: Rotation

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August: Rotation

Having a strong core is so important. Your core is involved in all movements including standing, bending, rotating, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting and climbing.

Almost every type of movement you do at the gym—and in everyday life, like bending over to put on your shoes or carrying a heavy load of laundry—requires some level of core strength.

A strong core also helps stabilize your body, improving your balance and ability to do exercises with proper form as well as perform movements that protect your spine.

So how do we get a strong core? By practicing rotation and anti-rotation movements and exercises.

Rotation or twisting exercises build mobility strength, power, and range of motion to encourage rotation, particularly in the upper back (thoracic) and neck (cervical spine).

Anti-rotation exercises build stability and strength to prevent rotation, particularly in the hips / low back (lumbar spine). The ability to prevent rotation of the lumbar spine may be more important than the ability to create rotation in the thoracic and cervical spine. Anti-rotational movements can help take the pressure off the lumbar region of your spine because they help to keep it (lumbar spine) from rotating. Lumbar discs are made to be stable and not particularly mobile.

Rotation/Anti-rotation exercises and training are geared toward developing the muscles of your entire core to make them stronger, have more endurance and produce increased power.

With this foundation, you will become stronger and more stable in everything you do, making it easier and safer to perform everyday activities. And, they help you establish a better mind-body connection.

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