INVIVO Virtual Studio

Find your FIT for Life at INVIVO

At INVIVO, our mission is to help you optimize your wellbeing and help you make long-term changes.

Now you can experience INVIVO classes from the comfort of your own home.

For the next month, INVIVO is offering LIVE Virtual Yoga and Fitness classes using Zoom Conferencing.

INVIVO features some of Milwaukee’s most experienced and skillful yoga instructors and trainers.


STEP 1: You will need a computer, smartphone or tablet and a broadband internet connection.

Download Zoom to Desktop / Laptop Computer

Download Zoom Mobile Apps
iTunes | Google Play

STEP 2: Register for classes online.

The first few days of virtual classes are donation-based.

Starting Sunday, 3/29 there will be drop-in pricing.

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Learn what to expect and how to prepare for Virtual Classes. Read our INVIVO’s Virtual Studio Guidelines and Etiquette.

*ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. By your participation in our virtual classes, you agree not to hold INVIVO Wellness or its instructors responsible for any injuries or other misfortune sustained while attending services.

STEP 3: Join the Class on Zoom.

Those registered will be emailed 30 minutes prior to a class. We will provide you with a Meeting ID and a unique password to access each class. (Be sure to check your spam folders).

After class, you are welcome to ask questions and mingle for 5-10 minutes. This is a safe space, free of judgment, expectation or competition. Be respectful of those who may wish to speak. If you prefer to leave quietly, that’s OK too.

Virtual Studio Guidelines and Etiquette

Class Preparation and Set-up

Start to set up 15 minutes before class – yourself, your equipment (mat and/or weights), and your technology.

For yoga, set up your yoga mat or chair 6 to 12 feet away from your webcam so that when standing up, your whole body and mat can be seen on your screen. 

Ensure your space is well lit and you are wearing light-colored or colorful clothing. Black apparel makes it more difficult for instructors to see the position of your body.

Props are helpful. Gather a blanket (towel), block (sturdy bottle or book), strap (towel or belt) and pillows.

Use dumbells or canned goods for resistance.

Class Experience

We will start with a welcome and greetings. At the discretion of the instructor, participants may or may not be muted for all or part of the class.

Pre-class poll for yoga classes. At the beginning of each class, you will be asked how you are feeling in your body and what self-care you need for your yoga practice.

Fitness classes will focus on body weight. For resistance, use dumbells or canned goods.

No music will be played during classes as it competes with our voices and causes audio loss.

During class, if you have questions, or are unsure about a cue or your own alignment, unmute yourself and ask. Your voice is the best way to get the instructor’s attention. 

After Class Open Chat

After class, you are welcome to ask questions and mingle for a bit. If you prefer to leave quietly, that’s OK too.

If you do stay to chat, be respectful of other people who may wish to speak. INVIVO Wellness is a safe space, free of judgment, expectation, or competition — where all should feel welcome and supported. Please keep conversations confidential unless you’ve received explicit permission from the Speaker to share something they said outside of the INVIVO Wellness circle.

Keep Showing Up!

Practicing yoga and working out regularly brings the greatest rewards to mind, body, and spirit. Choose to create space and make time in your life for taking care of yourself. We are here to guide you. Thank you!

Schedule and book early so you’ll receive appointments and reminders. 

How to use Zoom

Below are some basic tutorials on how to use Zoom.

Spotlight the Instructor

This feature allows you to make the instructor the main screen and mutes all other attendees of the class.

Changing Views

This allows you to see everyone in class on one screen or switch to viewing only one person at a time.

Make the instructor your fullscreen

When in fullscreen mode instead of Gallery View (where you can see everyone in the class in equal size), you can minimize the top bar of all attendees by clicking the minus sign and keep the instructor as your full screen.

Pin Video

This feature allows you to pin the instructor as the main screen and not changed regardless of who is speaking.

Troubleshooting Zoom

If you are having problems read below and see if these tips help.

Sound Issues

If you use a Bluetooth earpiece with your laptop, make sure to disable Bluetooth and switch back to your normal speakers. 

Video Transmission Issues

If your video stops streaming (in which case the instructor cannot see you, the student), this is not a Zoom issue but your webcam issue or the internet issue. To fix the problem simply turn the webcam off or unplug it and turn it back on or re-plug it back in. 

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for you can try Zoom’s support center.