Josh Van Schaick

CPT, TRX Level 2 Trainer
Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Josh Van Schaick
Josh started lifting weights in middle school in his friend’s basement and since then he has maintained a passion for strength training and being strong. What started out as a way to improve athletic performance, has evolved into a quest to improve functionality, longevity, and nurture the mind-body-spirit connection.
He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Kinesiology minor from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer since 2005 and is TRX Level 2 Certified.
Josh began working in the fitness industry at the Shorewood Community Fitness Center in January 2000 while attending UW-Milwaukee as a Kinesiology student. He has worked at several local facilities including Shorewood Community Fitness Center (2000-2011), Milwaukee Athletic Club (2007-2011), and Vita Physical Therapy & Fitness (2011-2013). 
With a holistic approach to fitness, he focuses on an individual’s specific needs. Josh believes the journey to improved fitness and health is a continuum, to not only serve the individual now but also to prepare the individual for the future.

Q & A with Josh Van Schaick

Q. How long have you been a fitness professional?
A. I worked consistently as a personal trainer from May 2005 until around 2013. Then I held some intermittent positions as a trainer and coach.

Q. What areas do you specialize in?
A. I enjoy all of fitness, but my favorite is strength training. I am well versed in both traditional and functional styles of strength training.

Q. What can a new student expect?
A. A new client can expect a personal trainer who cares about the client’s well-being, someone who is willing to listen and address their needs, and that is well educated and well-practiced to make and design fitness programs and workouts.

Q. What recent industry trends have you found noteworthy?
A. I believe the “exercise is medicine” movement is very important. Exercise is very versatile whether implemented as a recovery or preventative approach. And it’s great to hear exercise being talked about not only in the medical field but also in the mental health field. In Milwaukee, there are non-profit fitness/wellness facilities getting involved in the wrap-around care program which is awesome.

Q. What are your current wellness goals and how are you addressing them?
A. My wellness goals are mainly to maintain a lean and strong body and a calm peaceful mind. I exercise every day and am very conscientious about my diet. I also have a mindfulness meditation routine, but that has fallen off track and is a semi-regular practice currently. I’d like to bring that up to an everyday routine to serve as a preventative practice instead of a recovery/healing type practice. Lastly, I would like to incorporate a semi-regular yoga practice into my lifestyle. And Invivo is the perfect place to do that!

Q. What is your favorite beautiful spot in Milwaukee?
A. I do love the warm weather, my friends call me “Sunny,” so Bradford Beach and the lakefront is my favorite spot in Milwaukee. We are very lucky here in Milwaukee to have such a nice lakefront area. I also enjoy Lake Park as that park has beautiful trees, and Atwater Beach in Shorewood is pretty amazing too.

Q. What is your favorite place to eat in Milwaukee?
A. Cafe Corazon in Riverwest.

Q. What are your top three favorite things to do/hobbies?
A. I’m pretty simple fella, I like going to the gym, going on walks/hikes, researching things I am interested in learning more about. I also enjoy woodworking and have a couple of very large pieces of Oak to turn into some live-edge tabletops. Hopefully, I’ll get to that this Spring!

Q.What do you do to de-stress?
A. Going to the gym, on walks/hikes, and pray. I really like doing work outside like raking leaves, planting things, cutting grass, splitting wood, and when that’s done, sitting by a fire with a brew. But the gym, prayer, and nature are my three go-to’s

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