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Massage Therapy

In our massage studio, we invite you to relax, unwind and restore health and well-being while indulging your senses. INVIVO delivers a variety of massage therapy treatments designed to deeply rejuvenate, regenerate, and optimize the health and function of your body.

Our massages are delivered by some of Milwaukee’s best massage therapists.  Both healing and peaceful, harmonious for body and mind, our Licensed Massage Therapists will have you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and balanced.

COVID-19 Procedures
For your health and the safety of our staff, we have implemented new guidelines. Please read our re-opening protocols.

– Screening Questionnaire at Booking.
– Complete a Health Waiver at visit.
– Practice Physical Distancing.
– Masks are required.
– Locker rooms closed. No shower, sauna or towel service.
– Contactless payment. Have a credit card on file.

We do not accept insurance for massage therapy services. If you have questions about payment options, please call our Front Desk.

INVIVO Gift cards are available for you to pamper a friend or loved one.

To schedule an appointment, call 414-265-5606.

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Please note we require 24 hours’ notice for all cancellations. This allows us time to rebook the appointment time. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged $35. Fees may be waived during COVID-19.

Massage Therapy Treatments and Pricing

  • Relaxation Massage

    Our most popular treatment. The Relaxation massage improves circulation while melting away tension leaving you calm and rejuvenated. Regular massages will decrease your risk of future strains, sprains, and injuries.

Options 30-Minute Massage 60-Minute Massage 90-Minute Massage
Single Session $50 $80 $110
3-Session Package $130 $210 $290
6-Session Package $255 $410 $560
12-Session Package $480 $770 $1055
  • Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

    Including the calming effects of a relaxation massage, our Deep Tissue treatment focuses on releasing the layers of muscle and connective tissues that become restricted as a result of athletic performance, injury, repetitive stress and/or chronic sustained postures.

Options 60-Minute Massage 90-Minute Massage
Single Session $90 $120
3-Session Package $235 $315
6-Session Package $460 $610
12-Session Package $865 $1150
  • Prenatal Massage

    Our prenatal massage is tailored to meet the unique needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Specially designed to release tensions and muscle fatigue with focus and care on the specific muscles that are responsible for supporting the pregnant stomach. It is a relaxing experience that can increase your enjoyment of pregnancy and improve both your health and the childbirth experience.

Options 60-Minute Massage 90-Minute Massage
Single Session $90 $120
3-Session Package $235 $315

Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient energy-based healing system that combines acupressure, stretching, and assisted yoga postures to gently lengthen muscles, mobilize joints, and balance energy pathways.

Options 90-Minute Massage 120-Minute Massage
Single Session $130 $150
3-Session Package $345 $395
6-Session Package $665 $765
12-Session Package $1250 $1440

Good for:

Releasing muscle tension
Improving circulation


By Appointment
Monday, Thursday, Friday: 11 am - 4 pm
Wednesday: Closed
Saturday: 9 am-2 pm (every other Saturday)
Sunday: Closed

Kylie Dolphin Massage Therapist

Kylie Dolphin


Jamie Emmons

Jamie Emmons


Heather Kaster prenatal massage therapist invivo milwaukee

Heather Kaster

CMTB, Prenatal Certified

Tori McShane, Massage Therapist at INVIVO Milwaukee

Tori Seiter


John Schaefer, Invivo Massage Therapy in Milwaukee

John Schaefer


Charisma Townsend Massage Therapist

Charisma Townsend

LMT, Prenatal Certified

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