Molly Maloney

Yoga Instructor

As a Clinical Social Worker, Health Coach and RYT since 2011, Molly is trained in curriculum development and delivery. Molly has a passion for designing classes that are engaging, informative and create a space for individuals to connect with their body on a deeper level, in a welcoming space.

She’s been teaching since 2011 and holds a 500-hr certification along with specialty trainings in pre/post-natal yoga, Trauma-informed instruction, and mindfulness. She believes practicing deeper ease on our mat can serve us in all areas of our life and loves supporting students experience the profound practice of yoga. She offers modifications throughout class to create an opportunity for all bodies, levels, and individuals to access the health benefits of weaving breath and movement.

Having used yoga/mindfulness to heal from PTSD, manage anxiety and cultivate a healthy and stable baseline to maneuver life from; Molly’s nervous system deeply understands the profound power of practicing yoga and breathe awareness. She has dedicated her career to working across cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to make the tools feel accessible and relevant to a variety of populations.

Most recently Molly completed Jane Austin’s pre/post natal yoga training in San Francisco, CA. As a new momma herself, she spent the majority of her 22-hour labor on her yoga mat. The breathing, mindfulness and physical Asana practice were powerful tools that her and her partner were able to call upon when birth got a little crazy : )

Q&A with Molly Maloney

Q. How long have you been a yoga teacher?
A. I have been teaching since 2011. I have taught in a variety of settings including: yoga studios, wellness centers, corporate settings, private instruction, schools and more.

Q. What areas do you specialize in?
A. My specialty is delivering alignment flow classes, trauma-informed instruction, pre/post-natal yoga (love to the mommas!) and teaching yoga to youth.

Q. What brought you to your current style of practice?
A. My first 200-hour training in 2011 emphasized Iyengar alignment principles. As an athlete, I loved practicing with the strict emphasis on alignment; I felt it gave my brain something concrete to focus on within a practice. I attended my second 200-hour training through Yoga Tree, a premier studio in San Francisco, in 2012. The training was led by experienced Vinyasa practitioners. As a result, my first years of teaching, weaved a balance of emphasizing alignment through a series of strong flow.

As a clinical social worker and counselor, I have a sincere passion for respecting individual’s journey and held patterns of experience and/or trauma in the body. In 2014 I began incorporating yoga into my clinical work with clients. In 2015 I pursued my 500-hour certification working through Yoga Garden San Anselmo’s yoga therapy for trauma program. My instruction has evolved to create space for all bodies, backgrounds and experiences in class.

Lastly, as a hopeful momma to be, I attended a pre/post natal 45-hour training in 2017 which rocked my world! I utilized yoga and breathe awareness throughout my pregnancy delivery and post-partum (which was not always glamorous). I experienced first hand the benefits of using yoga to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for the transition into motherhood. I am passionate about extending these tools to mommas and their partners!

Q. What can a new student expect?
A. New students can expect a warm greeting and welcoming space! Accommodations are offered throughout class to both increase and/or decrease intensity of postures; giving students the ability to adjust practice to meet their ever evolving need in the moment.

Q. What recent industry trends have you found noteworthy?
A. I am loving the women’s yoga movement! Yoga was originally a practice developed by men for men’s bodies. Structurally there are anatomical differences between men and women, childbearing and otherwise, that need to be factored in to how we teach, cue and sequence yoga classes. I feel like this new “trend” if you will, along with the pre/post natal yoga train are gaining steam and I am on-board!

Q. What are your current wellness goals and how are you addressing them?
A. As a new momma myself, wife, yogi, social worker, and active member in my community my present wellness goal is help build the resiliency in our society while also maintaining my ground and presence in my day to day life.

Q. What is your favorite beautiful spot in Milwaukee?
A. I love the lake front trails! Walking along the lake with the leaves falling (I’m from California so I love the change of seasons…. If only winter were two months shorter).

Q. What is your favorite place to eat in Milwaukee?
A. I love Taco Tuesdays at Belair Cantina. What a deal!

Q. What are your top three favorite things to do/hobbies?
A. I love hiking and backpacking. Living in Colorado and California for six years, my husband and I snuck in lots of great hikes and backcountry camping trips that were wonderful and stress relieving!

Q. What do you do to de-stress?
A. Yoga! : ) I also love to walk around the neighborhood with my daughter and husband. We live in a very walkable area and it’s grounding to notice the season’s change day to day. Cooking and watching a crackling fire also help fill my cup.

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