Safety Tips

At INVIVO, the safety and security of our members and clients is always our top priority. We take these matters very seriously and work hand in hand with the City of Milwaukee Police Department.

We want to ensure that you are educated on measures you can take to help prevent criminal activity and we have implemented some operational procedures to enhance security.

Personal Safety Tips


Be aware and alert to what is going on around you.

Stand tall, walk confidently, and make eye contact with those around you.

Avoid using a handheld device while you are walking to your vehicle. If you do need to use a device, be fully aware of your surroundings.

Lock your vehicles to prevent theft of or from your vehicle.

Never leave anything visible inside your vehicle.

Learn to protect yourself. 


Know and have the important emergency phone numbers programmed into your phone.

  • 9-1-1 EMERGENCY

imminent life-threatening situations, a crime in progress, medical attention required, fireWhen you call 9-1-1, stay on the line with the operator, provide the location of the emergency, stay calm and describe the emergency, provide your name, phone number and any descriptions of the suspects (you can be anonymous), answer the operators questions the best you can, wait for the operator to instruct you to hang up.

  • NON-EMERGENCY – CALL 414-933-4444

non-threatening situations, loitering, property damage (graffiti, vehicle, broken windows)

If an incident should occur, we ask that you contact the police and notify our staff so that we can partner with the police department to help our members and assist in preventative measures.

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