Yoga teacher adjusting student practicing warrior two during Private Yoga in the Yoga Studio at INVIVO Wellness in Milwaukee

Private Sessions: Yoga, Pilates or Barre

Private sessions are a great way to learn how to safely start practicing yoga, pilates or barre.

Learn to deepen and strengthen your existing practice, develop an at-home practice, or cater to your hectic schedule.

Private Sessions are offered 1:1 (one on one) with your instructor or can be incorporated into private partner and small group sessions.

If you have a friend(s) or relative(s) who have the same healthy living and wellness goals as you, this can be a fun and exciting way to build your own wellness community and to stay engaged and motivated in your practice.

Private Sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs by working  with a skilled instructor to create a personalized practice. Each session is created specifically for your needs in order to bring your mind and body into perfect balance.

In-person, socially distanced sessions give you the guidance you need to learn and progress your yoga, pilates, or barre practice.

A virtual practice can be just as effective as in-person. It’s a convenient, and practical way to learn a new skill or continue to support your existing practice. Sessions meet via Zoom meetings.

Private Sessions are meant for individuals who are generally healthy and not healing from a recent injury or illness.

If you are dealing with a recent injury or illness, please visit our Physical Therapy or Yoga Therapy pages for more details.

COVID-19 Procedures
For your health and the safety of our staff, we have implemented new guidelines. Please read our re-opening protocols.

– Screening Questionnaire at Booking.
– Complete a Health Waiver at each visit.
– Practice Physical Distancing.
– Masks are required in common areas.
– Locker rooms open. No shower, sauna or towel service.
– Contactless payment preferred. Have a credit card on file.

In-person or Virtual Private Sessions

One Hour Private Session Pricing

Options Members Non-Members
Single Session $75 $85
5-Session Package $383 $425
10-Session Package $765 $850

One Hour* Partner Private Session Pricing (2 people only)

Options Members Non-Members
Single Session $81 $90
5-Session Package $405 $450
10-Session Package $810 $900

One Hour* Small Group Private Session Pricing (3-5 people)

Options Members Non-Members
Single Session $112.50 $125
5-Session Package $562.50 $625
10-Session Package $1125 $1150

*30-minute and 90-minute pricing available upon request.

All Session Packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase.
Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Good for:

New to yoga, pilates, or barre?
Creating a personalized practice
Fine-tuning skills and techniques


By appointment: Call Front Desk for instructor availability

Cynthia Akey Invivo Milwaukee Yoga

Cynthia Akey

RYT, Personal Trainer, TRX Trainer, Wellness Director

Paula Biasi Trusky Yoga Instructor

Paula Biasi Trusky


Lindsey Ruenger Yoga Instructor

Lindsey Ruenger


Yumelia Garcia

Yumelia Garcia

Barre Certified, Certified Personal Trainer


Our Milwaukee yoga classes offer the tools to help you achieve a high state of focused performance and wellness. From beginner to advanced yoga classes, we offer a variety of styles and levels to keep your practice inspired, balanced and challenged.


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