Yoga Therapist Biz Casmer provides a hands-on assist during Yoga Therapy at INVIVO Wellness Milwaukee

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy uses the ancient science of yoga to enhance the health & wellness at all levels of the person: physical, emotional and spiritual. It is applicable to groups or individuals with specific health challenges or injuries, those who are going through life changes or those who are simply striving for optimal health. Since Yoga Therapy places equal emphasis on the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of the practice, one third of the session will be spent in the body, one third working with the mind and emotions, and one third connecting with the spirit. By placing equal emphasis on all three aspects of the yoga practice, students find more balance on the mat that they can then bring with them off the mat and into their life.

In Yoga Therapy clients are encouraged to accept and embrace the body, mind and spirit in present moment awareness. Not remembering a body, mind, or spirit from the past nor wishing for some future goal, but accepting where they are at “right now” and remembering the wholeness that is their divine nature. Whether they have been diagnosed with Cancer, are going through a life transition or are dealing with symptoms of chronic illness like Crohn’s Disease or Rheumatoid Arthritis, the broader approach of Yoga Therapy reminds clients that they are not defined by their diagnosis and symptoms.

Relief from symptoms is just one aspect of the healing process, a multifaceted journey focused on mobilizing the individual’s progress toward greater health and well being. Yoga Therapy is not intended to be a substitute for modern medicine, but is a complimentary and alternative method that enhances the healing process.

Clients facing specific challenges will get the most benefit from Private Sessions that focus on their individual issues, helping them to expand their personalized yoga toolbox, on and off the mat.

What will a Yoga Therapy session include?

Part of the Yoga Therapy process is an initial intake/health history session which allows the therapist to develop a therapeutic program that will meet your specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Session(s) may include, but are not limited to: centering/body awareness, chakra assessment, prana vayu (energy currents) assessment, pranayama (breathwork), therapeutic mudras (hand gestures/seals), asana (postures), guided imagery/Yoga Nidra, meditation and affirmation or Sankalpa (to be developed during therapy process).

Sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes. Sessions can be held in the mind-body studio if no classes are in session or in the private yoga room. Our goal is to reconnect you with your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, leaving you with the proper yoga tools to develop an at-home practice or enter into a group practice safely.

Individual Yoga Therapy Pricing*

Options Members Non-Members
New Client Assessment $80 $90
Single Session $80 $90
5-Session Package $375 $425
10-Session Package $700 $800

Partner Yoga Therapy Pricing*

Options Members Non-Members
New Client Assessment $120 $135
Single Session $120 $135
5-Session Package $575 $650
10-Session Package $1100 $1250

*Rates are for 60 minute sessions. Please consult with one of our yoga therapists for 90 minute rates. The New Client Assessment can be included as part of a package.


Note: The yoga therapy components of our teaching are based on our Professional Yoga Therapy Certification through Integrative Yoga Therapy [non-YAR credential or other qualification], not derived from our status as an [RYT/E-RYT] with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Good for:

Healing mind, body & spirit
Recovering from injury or illness
Dealing with life transitions

Biz Casmer, Yoga Therapist and Instructor at Invivo

Biz Casmer



Our Milwaukee yoga classes offer the tools to help you achieve a high state of focused performance and wellness. From beginner to advanced yoga classes, we offer a variety of styles and levels to keep your practice inspired, balanced and challenged.